What is Hot and what is not?


This has been a topic of conversation for the last few weeks. Will my industry be affected by what has happened on Wall Street? Are there fields/industries that are poised to grow? Here is a quick list of fields and industries that are IN and those that are NOT.




·        Energy

·        Green technology

·        Healthcare

·        Private equity

·        Strategic advising (financial services)

·        Financial services firms dedicated to debt and credit oriented services

·        Compliance and risk management

·        Legal and legal support, in rewriting the rules of Wall Street

·        Sales

·        Accounting

Not Hot

·        PR

·        Advertising

·        Marketing

·        Retail

·        Restaurants

·        Hospitality

·        Service businesses

·        Middle management and administrative roles, post mergers/acquisition

·        Non client facing/revenue generating roles

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