Where are the jobs going to be in 2010?


Last year was a really difficult year as so many individuals lost their jobs and as industries retrenched. I saw the economy start to shift in November with more and more of my clients getting interviews in November and December.


So what does 2010 look like for employment growth? Some early signs suggest that companies are hiring again. Boston Business Journal did a great job of covering this topic in a recent issue. I have summarized some of the key points here from their articles.


Sectors that show growth in 2009 and that will most likely continue in 2010 include:


§  Health Care

§  Education

§  Accommodation and Food Services

§  Information Technology

§  Professional, Scientific, and Business Services


Sectors that are still in decline include:


§  Leisure and Hospitality

§  Arts and Entertainment

§  Financial Services

§  Government

§  Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing


It appears that the IT sector is really driving the growth in Massachusetts as companies can no longer afford to delay spending and they will have to replace systems that are outdated.  An uptake in semiconductor sales back up this prediction.



Boston Business Journal January 1-7

Executive Office of Workforce Development