Personal Branding for Companies

femaleOrganizations around the world are only as good as their people. When a company’s leaders can position themselves as engaging, passionate industry experts, the benefits are significant for both the corporation and the executive. Think of it this way: Company brands open doors, but personal relationships seal the deal. After all, clients are attracted to and will buy from people they like and trust. That means one thing: You need your people to shine. So how do you help your leaders to thrive? Personal branding is a highly effective way to increase your key executives’ personal impact and influence, confidence and executive presence.

Executive & Organizational Benefits

Personal branding enables your leaders to engage more deeply with their prospects and customers and ultimately drive more business. A vital component in professional development, personal branding within the corporate setting acts as a catalyst for strong, authentic executive leadership. By introducing personal branding programs in your firm, you support your best talent in:

  • Leveraging unique talents to drive breakthrough business performance
  • Creating a compelling, credible and more visible executive presence
  • Differentiating your leaders and organization from the competition
  • Bringing in more clients and revenues

In addition to developing your high potential talent, the organization builds a deeper engagement with its employees. This results in:

  • More committed and engaged leaders and teams
  • Highly motivated company brand ambassadors
  • The ability to attract, develop and retain top talent
  • Positioning your firm as an employer of choice

Who is Personal Branding For?


Corporate Rainmakers

Professional services rainmakers are constantly under pressure to stand out and attract new business.

Women Leaders and Partners

Women leaders and partners face unique challenges in an often male-dominated C-suite environment.

High-Potential Candidates

High-potentials are expected to transition to and thrive in a leadership role very quickly.

Newly-Minted Partners

Newly appointed partners are often subject matter experts, and must transition quickly into a new client-facing role.

How Personal Branding Helps

Corporate Rainmakers

  • By creating a strong personal brand, rainmakers differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace, attracting attention from prospects.
  • Your rainmakers can more easily solidify existing customer relationships, ensuring loyalty even when competitors offer lower prices.
  • An engaging personal brand opens doors, creates a higher-value, compelling experience and, ultimately, signs more business.
  • Builds “social savvy” to develop online relationships with prospects.

Women Leaders and Partners

  • With a deeper understanding of their own strengths and abilities, women can lead with confidence.
  • Corporate personal branding enables women to tap into their authentic leadership style instead of emulating male counterparts.
  • Personal branding offers women external validation of the incredible contributions they make at work

High-Potential Candidates

  • Rooted in self-awareness and external feedback, personal branding can “fast track” high-potential candidates, allowing them to build leadership strengths and diminish weaknesses.
  • High-potential candidates’ can quickly tap into their leadership competencies and styles, enabling them to move more confidently into their new roles.
  • Personal branding reveals insights into their professional presence, adding credibility and gravitas.

Newly-Minted Partners

  • Personal branding helps build capacity as indispensible revenue generators
  • Partners feel more at ease and can express their true selves in a more confident, compelling manner.
  • Personal branding helps partners to better understand and connect with the internal and external target markets – the people they need to influence.

Personal Branding Program for Firms

Every organization has different needs. We build custom personal branding programs that integrate with your talent and leadership development strategies. For each program we develop, we draw on the world-leading personal branding methodology developed by Reach Personal Branding.

Our programs can include a combination of all or some of the following components:

  • Participant pre-work
  • Live half- and full-day workshops or keynote presentations
  • Webinars or teleconferences
  • Seamless administration of the premium online version of 360Reach personal branding assessment
  • Online video coaching program to accompany the workshops/keynotes
  • Group coaching
  • One-on-one coaching
  • Specific training on executive branding on LinkedIn
  • Email tips and accountability

If you’re looking to help propel your leaders, and your organization, to new heights, contact Aspire!