Jobvite has released its sixth annual social media recruiting survey, and 78 percent of the recruiters surveyed said they have hired new employees through social media. What does this mean for you? Plenty!

What this survey is telling us is that your social media profile and brand are more important now than ever before in your job-search efforts. Recruiters are searching a variety of social media networks, looking for the right candidates. They are using social media networks to compare and vet candidates. Almost all of their entire process can be performed through social media networks 

For prospective job candidates, preparation is the key. First, you must have a professional and attractive profile on LinkedIn. The Jobvite survey found that of the many recruiters who have made a hire through a social media network, 92 percent of them had hired through LinkedIn, while 24 percent used Facebook, and 14 percent had done so through Twitter.

So, Facebook and Twitter are important, too. Then, you must review your profiles to match up with what recruiters are seeking. Recruiters are looking for a variety of things, such as a strong brand, professional experience, professional contacts, and active involvement in your field. They also will review your images, likes and dislikes, and preferences.

That means you should review your profiles for things that might put you in a bad light. References in word and images to drinking and drugs, overtly sexual, political, or religious posts and tweets, profanity, or references to guns can all doom your job candidacy. 

Don’t forget to review your social media profile for poor grammar and spelling errors. Simple as they are, these errors can make you look bad.z Some recruiters in the Jobvite survey even reacted more negatively to profanity and grammar and punctuation errors than they did to alcohol use. This illustrates that anything negative can make or break your chances. So, take your profiles seriously, and job recruiters will, too.